ICS M4 Quick-Detach Silencer

This model was created in 3D Studio Max R7 over a period of approximately 2 days.

The main outer body of the silencer has numerous holes, and as such the outer body is set to display as a bounding-box (max version only).



Item Specifications

A silencer designed to be quickly attached and detached from an M4 via the flash hider. Note: This silencer is not designed to be used on a real firearm, and was designed to be suitable for Airsoft use only.

  • Attachment: Quick-detach lever, via an M4/M16 flash hider
  • Length: 180mm
  • Caliber: 5.56mm

Model Specifications

  • Polygons: 29923
  • Vertecies: 14477
  • Objects: 19

Known Issues

  • This make of silencer was intended for use on Airsoft replica weapons only. While similar makes of silencer may exist for actual firearms which are almost exactly the same, this model mounter loosely on the flash hider and as such could cause a backfire in the weapon.
  • The silencer does not contain any internal silencing elements, and has “foam inserts” instead of acoustic baffles.