G&G DIE 25/30mm Scope Ring

This model was created in 3D Studio Max R7 in 1 day.

This scope ring will fit a 30mm scope, but will take 25mm scopes with the included inserts.



Item Specifications

A mounting ring for a thirty millimeter scope (twenty-five millimeter scopes can be accepted with the provided insert rings), to be mounted on a twenty millimeter weaver rail.

The large thumb screws enable the rings to be attached and detached from a rail with ease.

  • Diameter: 30mm (25mm with included inserts)
  • Base Mounting: 20mm weaver rail via 1 screw
  • Ring fastening: 4 screws

Model Specifications

  • Polygons: 4210
  • Vertecies: 2105
  • Objects: 11