Mojji "Killer Elite" 3-9x40mm Zoom Scope

This model was created in 3D Studio Max R7 over a period of approximately 3 days.

This scope includes a “sun shade” which is a screw-on extension of the objective lens outer casing, designed to shield the objective lense from the sun reducing user-observed glare from the sun.



Item Specifications

A zoom scope equipped with an adjustable zoom range (between three and nine times optical image zoom) on a forty millimeter view aperture. This scope also includes a sun shade, to shield the objective lens from the sun.

This scope is ideal for short to medium range sniping and spotting, between thirty to four hundred meters.

  • Length: 390mm
  • Zoom: 3-9x
  • Aperture: 40mm
  • Mounting radius: 30mm

Model Specifications

  • Polygons: 29902
  • Vertecies: 15091
  • Objects: 30

Known Issues

  • The crosshairs and internal lenses have not been modelled for this scope.
  • The outside lenses are not modelled correctly.