Walther Red-Dot Reflex Sight

This model was created in 3D Studio Max R8 over a period of approximately 8 hours.

The “red dot” is projected from the forward facing 7x1x3mm inset in the rear section. The actual insert for the LED and pinhole cover have not been modelled.

A battery has been included inside the model.



Item Specifications

The Walther Red-Dot Reflex sight is an extremely cheap target acquisition device. Unfortunately due to the inexpensive construction of the sight the quality is also reduced, making the item fairly difficult to zero-in, with an especially large red-dot. Due to this models plastic construction is it also significantly easier to damage.

This models uses an adjustable illuminated red-dot (a bright LED focused through a pinhole) reflected off of a single panes of glass. This creates the illusion of a projected red-dot on its target.

  • Length: 100mm
  • Zoom: 1x (none)
  • Aperture: 40mm
  • Mounting: 20mm Weaver Rail via two (adjustible) screws
  • Recticle: Adjustable brightness red dot (reflex)

Model Specifications

  • Polygons: 2506
  • Vertecies: 4971
  • Objects: 26

Known Issues

  • The adjustment mechanics, LED and wiring have not been modelled. The underside of the model is not detailed, and does not include the 8 scews used to connect the item togeather as a whole.