M4 Metal Magazine Clamp

This model was created in 3D Studio Max R7 in 1 day.

The model is set for the width of an M4/M16 magazine, but can be changed to fit others. From top to bottom, the sizes are FAMAS, M4/M16, AK and G3.

The magazine clamp is at an angle of 9.6 degrees, suitable for the M4/M16 series.


Item Specifications

A clamp designed to attach two magazines together at the base, to speed up the process of reloading. This magazine clamp is set tot he width of an M4/M16 magazines, but is also suitable for magazines from the G3, FAMAS or AK series of rifles.

Usually used in Close Quarters Combat situations where cover or suppressing fire may not be available, and a faster reload time is desired. Magazines attached in this matter cannot be stowed in most combat vests, and this should be taken into considering when equiping units.

  • Suitable magazines: M4, M16, FAMAS, G3, AK
  • Magazine Fastening: Rubber pads and large spring loaded metal latch.

Model Specifications

  • Polygons: 5290
  • Vertecies: 2648
  • Objects: 16

Known Issues

  • No spring has been included in the center of the model. The spring in the center should coil 10 times, and is a rounded box shape.